Palos was founded by filmmakers AJ Winslow and Jim Pidgeon.

  • The world needs love.

  • Palos wants to reshape golf culture to be more more approachable and fun.

  • Maybe it's because this game has long been permeated with racism, sexism, and elitism and beckons for change.

  • Or perhaps it's because the game is so incredibly fun, it's played with friends new and old, and it takes place outside, the best part of our world.

  • Ultimately we just want to provide high-quality streetwear that fits your vibe, whether your on the course or not.

Shape the culture.

  • Palos was started by storytellers. The story we're trying to tell through this platform is one of positive change.

  • We hope to grow a community of people that will help shape golf into a game of love and acceptance. Mostly we just want to have fun.